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OSU OTRH Podcast

I was *NOT* a happy camper after the game yesterday. I was hoping that recording a podcast despite the fact I forgot my audio gear would be cathartic.

I was wrong.

It just got me all worked up. I was thinking about not posting it at all. It’s a bit harsh. But in the end, for full disclosure and transparency, this is what I sound like when I’m very much not a happy camper.

ASU OTRH Podcast

I wasn’t pleased Friday night. I was in the middle of a marathon set of commitments, speaking at a Catholic conference both Friday and Saturday. I really needed a game to uplift, not to remind me how exhausted I was.

So please use that filter when you hear my not so optimistic words:

UC Davis OTRH podcast

I’m going to try this year to be much more prompt in posting my On The Road Home podcasts. To that end, here’s the one I recorded last night on the way home from the UC Davis game:

Big Game OTRH Podcast

Maybe I need to re-title this podcast something like “The extremely late podcast” or something.  I’m sorry this year I was so late in posting so many of them.  In any case, here it is:

Colorado OTRH podcast

OK, still not exactly on time, but a heck of a lot better than last week:

USC OTRH Podcast

OK, I realize this is *RIDICULOUSLY* late, but I figured I’d publish it anyway.  I recorded it on the drive home from LA and I had a lot of things that needed to be edited out (kids with questions for their dad, etc.) and so it took me longer than usual to find the time to do it.  In any case, I hope people enjoy it, despite its lateness:

Washington OTRH Podcast

Here’s the podcast I recorded on the road home. Can you tell I was yelling at lot at the game?

Idaho State OTRH Podcast

Sorry again for the late posting.  I wish I had a good excuse. 🙂

North Carolina OTRH Podcast

Sorry for the delay in posting this.  It was recorded on the drive home as always, it just took me a few days to get to it, what with the holiday weekend and work and stuff.

WSU OTRH Podcast

Here’s my On The Road Home Podcast for the WSU game:

Ole Miss OTRH podcast

A little late this week, but here is the podcast I recorded on the drive home:

Oregon OTRH Podcast

Sorry that this is ridiculously late, particularly for a Friday came.  I’ve had this cold I just can’t kick and it’s knocked me down pretty good.  In any case, here it is:

Utah OTRH podcast

Here’s the On The Road Home podcast for the Utah game:


Texas OTRH Podcast

Back for another season of On The Road Home podcasts.  I’m sad I couldn’t do on for the Hawaii game.  But here’s the Texas game one:

ASU OTRH Podcast

Here’s the year’s final installment of the On The Road Home podcast.  Thinking over what I said, I probably was a bit too harsh on the offensive line.  They did a VERY good job of pass protection against a difficult blitzing ASU defense.  Where my mind was as I was recording this was the lack of a consistent run game, something that has plagued the team all year.

Since I don’t see myself going to the bowl game, this will be the last installment of the 2015 season.  I’m always interested to hear if people enjoy them, so consider this post your opportunity to say you’d like me to keep doing this in future seasons or if you couldn’t care less.

Big Game OTRH podcast

Here’s another thrilling installment of the On The Road Home podcast:


USC OTRH Podcast

Sorry for the delay this week.  I am traveling on business, so I didn’t have as much personal time at the end of the weekend/beginning of the week as I usually do.  In any case, here is this week’s installment:


WSU OTRH Podcast

Apparently I had a lot to say because I was nearly in Fairfield by the time I shut-up. (In fairness, as always, I don’t usually start recording until I’m in Richmond where I’m past the areas there are likely to be slowdowns that would steal my concentration. Here it is:

Texas OTRH Podcast

Sorry it took so long to post this.  These quick trips take a lot out of me with my already too busy schedule.  I still intend to post a post-game thoughts post as well.

Overall, I don’t feel this is my best podcast.  What occurred to me after I recorded it is how much more brain power it takes to drive on roads that you’re not familiar with than a route you take all the time.  I was having a much harder time concentrating on my game thoughts than I would have liked.

But judge for yourself:

Grambling State OTRH Podcast

Nothing like kicking off the season with an easy win.