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That chill you feel is hell freezing over

I can’t believe it. The Pac-12 office actually did it. They threatened and we didn’t believe them. But they did it.

Go here and scroll down to October 20th:

Stanford at California

Yes, the Big Game will officially lose it’s cherished spot the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

We tolerated Stanford playing a game after the Big Game. Then we grudgingly tolerated Cal playing a game after the Big Game. (And losing them all too frequently.) We were almost thankful the one year they pushed back to the 1st week of December so that it was at the end of the season while still being wary of it no longer being on the traditional weekend. Then we bemoaned it being at 7 PM on the traditional day. We feared someday they would make us play it Thanksgiving weekend. Yet we took it all sitting down.

But now they’ve gone TOO FAR.

This is ridiculous. There’s no excuse for this. There’s no reason. One could have easily made a schedule that allowed us to keep our traditions.

I say we start working on our plans to protest this. The only effective way to do it will be at the game itself October 20th. Suggestions? Wearing black? (Too cheesy?) Signs? Refuse to enter the stadium until 15 minutes after the game has started?

There has to be some way to show this is unacceptable. If we do, they’ll change it back for 2013 and beyond.

UPDATE at 4:15 PM: Go to this announcement from Cal and scroll to the bottom for the FAQ from Sandy Barbour to see their weak excuses for being shafted.