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Excuse me for my fasting

Today is signing day for football. I encourage everyone to go over to the Cal Rival’s site ( AW’s coverage of recruiting at Cal is the best in the business.

As for my comments, today is also Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, a very important time of year for faithful Christians, particularly Catholics, throughout the world. Many Catholic bloggers “fast” (meaning abstain) from blogging during Lent as an act of penance. This year I’ll be fasting from Cal blogging, but will be bringing back to life my Catholic blog to add reflections on this Lenten season and comment on my eating fast (I’ll be following the rules of fasting for the entire season of Lent) as well.

If you’re interested in following that blogging, you can find it at Otherwise, expect to see me back here on Easter Day (March 23rd) or shortly thereafter.