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Some posts to expect

Now that I’m just a regular blogger, here are some posts you can expect in the next week or two (in no particular order):

  • Final podcast of the year from Jason and I
  • My thoughts on our obligations as Cal fans
  • Thoughts on firing Alamar
  • Thoughts on Tedford and what needs to change
  • Early thoughts on 2010 potential
  • Commentary on Pac-10 bowl performances
  • Ranking the conferences bowl performances

There will be more in the off-season as well. I’ll finish off the 2008 looking back series that sputtered during the year (possible subject for comment section, should the 2009 looking back series be during the off-season or should I do it like this year with matching the 2009 looking-back post with the upcoming 2010 games?) for one. Plus, I plan to round out some other sections of the site like the stadiums section now that I’ve been to all 10 of them.

Keep checking back in for new posts…

End of an era

It’s both with a heavy heart and anticipation for the future that I announce my retirement as a Cal sports reporter. From this point forward, I’ll just be a regular blogging Cal fan.

It’s a decision that had mostly been made a year ago, that this year would be my last. I wanted to finish going to every stadium in the pressbox and I wanted just one more year under the sun. At the same time, I knew how taxing the job was on the family and on me personally. So my wife and I made the decision that this year would be my last and didn’t really tell anyone, not wanting to ruin the experience of the last year.

Now that the year has come and gone, it’s still been hard to pull the trigger on making the decision, in part because I’ve really enjoyed the experience and know that once I step away it’s unlikely that I’ll ever get a chance to do it again. Nevertheless it is the right decision. That’s why it comes with a heavy heart.

As for the anticipation, there was much about the job that was a lot more laborious than I expected when I started in on it. There are no hiatuses when it’s your job. You’ve got to write your articles when you feel disgusted and want to walk away just as much as you get to write them when the times are good. Particularly living so far from Berkeley, the weekly drives down for the Tuesday press conferences, particularly frequently on the back of a long road trip the weekend before, were quite taxing. This year seemed worse than prior years because part of what I enjoyed the most was watching practice, something I didn’t get to do now that Tedford closed most of practice to the press.

And then there was the constant mental struggle of posting the same thoughts I put in my articles and columns on a subscription site, here on the blog. I’d find myself trying to come up with new thoughts to put on the blog so that I wasn’t revealing subscription content for free on the blog. That was frustrating as well, because I felt like the blog posts were a “shell” of what I really wanted to say. It was one of the things I liked about the OTRH podcasts, because I didn’t feel so inhibited about them.

Point of all this being, I’m excited about blogging again just as a regular guy where I can say what I want to say and not worry. I don’t have to worry about spending too much time writing on the blog and then being too exhausted or disinterested to write a bunch of articles as well. There’s freedom in not getting paid.

So, while I will miss getting to travel so much (as an aside, I’d recommend to everyone that loves the Bears that you make it a goal to visit every Pac-10 stadium at some point. You’ll have a much better appreciation for our conference once you do.) I’m very excited for what the future holds for the blog.

I’m back! 🙂

Liveblog: Poinsettia Bowl

Washington 42, Cal 10 – Deadblog

We watched the game so you didn’t have to. What, you watched anyway? You silly person.

The entire transcript of the liveblog after the break…

Best out for UW game

For those who haven’t heard, Tedford announced at the Press Conference on Tuesday that Best will not play in the UW game. This actually surprised me. He hasn’t had any concussion symptoms for multiple weeks and his sore back is a lot better from what I’ve heard. But I think it’s a sign of just how careful Tedford wants to be with Best after such a horrific fall.

I’m pretty confident he’ll be back for the bowl game.

Washington Press Conference Podcast

Here’s my podcast from the Washington Press Conference on Tuesday:

As always it is free for everyone to listen to.