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Someone want to split my season tickets with me?

I’m ready to make a pretty dang good deal for the right person/family…

The schedule for next season came out and I can not make 3 of the 6 games:

  • USC on Sat. 9/23
  • Arizona on Sat. 10/21
  • Oregon State on Sat. 11/4
  • (UPDATE: Also looking like Webber St. on 9/11 is trouble for me unless it is a night game)

I’m looking for someone who’d like to buy my tickets for those game.  The season tickets include a parking pass in the Lower Hearst parking lot.  The full package of tickets (which is 2 adult and 5 children’s tickets in section C) are $1250 for the season.  So half would be $625.  I’m willing to sell it for $400.

Why do that when you could just buy single tickets for the games you want?  In addition to the discounted price, you should also want it for the same reason I want to cut a deal (as opposed to giving up my season tickets)… I’ve got great seats!  Well, there’s one caveat, great seats for the cheap part of the stadium.   I really think my seats are the *VERY BEST* seats in the *entire* region that used to be called the “Gold Zone”. (The north endzone cheap seats which goes from section CC to in the northwest corner of the endzone to section W in the northeast corner of the enzone).  Here’s why:

  1. We’re in the 1st two rows above the concourse (4 seats in front, 3 seats immediately behind).  That means you get more leg room (the 1st row has a full extra foot of leg room, plus no one sitting in front of you to encroach on your leg room).
  2. Being in the 1st two rows above the concourse means every trip to the bathroom or concessions only requires navigating a handful of steps.
  3. We’re on the isle, which further makes it easy to get in and out to get food or go to the bathroom.
  4. Just above the concourse is a great height to get a good view of the field.  High enough you have depth perspective but not so high/far you feel disconnected from the game.
  5. Section C is the furthest west section that has the “above the concourse” extra leg room, so you’ve got the perspective of being more in the corner versus straight down from the endzone.  This also improves visibility and depth perspective.  (Seats in the middle of the endzone it will see “huge running holes” open to go for long yardage but end up being deceptively short runs because you have no side of the field perspective.)
  6. Being on the west side means the sun is behind you, not in your face.

The point is, there’s not a single set of seats in the “Gold Zone” that equal that set of benefits.  Yes, it’s not the best seats on the 50 yard line.  There’s no denying there are much better seats in the expensive sections like the ESP area.  But you’re not going to get a half season’s worth of tickets for even two people, much less the seven I’m offering, for $400.

Now, if you’re not a family with at least a couple kids, this probably isn’t the deal for you.  There are only 2 adult tickets (plus 5 children’s).  To be clear about the kids tickets, they don’t check youth vs. adult tickets at the turnstiles.  I always use a children’s ticket just to re-verify they don’t care and nobody has ever said a word about it when scanning my ticket and letting me through.  However, I don’t think it is ethical to buy these tickets from me if you intend to use them all for adults.  I’ve made my peace with using a number of children’s tickets for adults at the night games that are too late for the kids, but only because it’s ridiculous how much they jerk us around with game times.  I’d ask that you intend to do the same thing: You plan to use your children’s tickets for children and will only resort to using them for adults if the schedule or weather makes it unreasonable to bring the kids.

Thus if you are a family with at least a couple kids, I think I’m offering a pretty good deal, particularly considering you get the “good” half of the tickets (no FCS game and the headliner of USC).

Are you interested?  Please leave a comment on the post (put your e-mail in the e-mail field (which isn’t published)) and I’ll get back to you.  If you’re not willing to pay that much, we can discuss that after I contact you.  I might be willing to take less (however, too little and I might also just not renew my tickets or sell them as the games come up). I might also be willing to also let you have the Mississippi State game (or split them?) if you’d like to pay more to have that game as well.  (Update: I might just throw in the Webber St. game for free once they schedule a time (usually in June).)  Heck, I might even be willing to let the whole season go and still pay a small portion so I keep the seats for future years (you pay $1000?).  Point being, I’m pretty flexible in all ways except I need to sell all 3 of the above mentioned games as part of the deal and I need to make the deal before February 20th when season ticket renewals end.  Let me know what suits your fancy.

Hopefully this can be a deal that works out well for both of us.

Dykes fired!

WOW!  This was NOT expected.  What odd timing… this long after the season.  I wonder if there’s something else up besides just on the field stuff…

The other way to go is to go with the rumor mill in thinking “Isn’t it an odd coincidence that Chip Kelly was just fired from the 49ers?”