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How Many Cougars? (EMFMV 2009 #6)

We’re back like a bad habit. Jason and Ken are happier than last time. And although we skipped a week, this is a giant-sized edition, for those people with all sorts of time to kill.

Topics this week: Recapping the UCLA victory; looking forward to Washington State; Pac-10 results; trivia involving the names of Division I-A team mascots and how many Cougars are among them; why we’re not okay with a 4-8 season, but still think Tedford would deserve a mulligan; in which conference Cal would play if all Division I-A teams were split up by mascot type; Jason completely fails as an impressionist; Joe Starkey evaluated.

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The Podcast of Sadness (EMFMV 2009 #5)

We’re back with — apparently by popular demand — our longest two-man podcast of the season. Though if you factor in the fact that last week there was no podcast at all, we’re still coming up woefully short in overloading you with more podcast than you can handle.

In any event, Jason and Ken are here for you. Here to tell you to think positively. Here you comfort you in your time of need. Here to… oh, who are we kidding? We’re here to weep softly to ourselves.

Topics this week: Why Jason left early; why we’re sad (hint: Oregon and USC); what the future holds; if Jeff Tedford should take out that second mortgage; the overcrowding at Memorial Stadium; the irony of Cal’s 2009 season poster; Uni Watch spots something funny in the Fun Zone; and how podcasting is cheaper than therapy.

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80 Duck Uniform Possibilities (EMFMV 2009 Podcast #4)

Hide your eyes, friends, it’s the fourth installment of this year’s Excuse Me For My Voice two-man podcast, featuring Ken Crawford and Jason Snell.

Today’s topics: Cal-Minnesota as viewed from our couches. ESPN’s announcers, who we aren’t big fans of. That awful third quarter that made every Cal fan fear the worst. Previewing Oregon, a match-up that makes us feel better than you might think, but that doesn’t mean it makes us feel good. Rehashing USC’s loss to Washington. Looking ahead to the meat of Cal’s schedule.

Oh, and uniform talk. Did you know that there are 80 combinations of Oregon Ducks uniforms? Or 160, if you count black and white shoes.

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Neon Yellow Gophers (EMFMV 2009 Podcast #3)

And now it’s the third installment of this year’s Excuse Me For My Voice two-man podcast, featuring Ken Crawford and Jason Snell.

Today’s topics: Recapping Cal’s win over Eastern Washington. Pre-capping Cal versus Minnesota. Minnesota’s nice new stadium. Minnesota’s frightening new uniforms. What we know about Cal’s weaknesses, and what we don’t yet know. And a look at the Pac-10’s results and forthcoming games.

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Where is Eastern Washington? (EMFMV 2009 Podcast #2)

We’re back with the second installment of this year’s Excuse Me For My Voice podcast, featuring Ken Crawford and Jason Snell.

Today’s topics: Recapping the Maryland game. Where is Eastern Washington, and what is its mascot? Why will we be asking their fans to take off a certain color of shirt? Also, a look at the other Pac-10 games of week one, including Oregon and Washington.

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Maryland, Season Preview (EMFMV 2009 Podcast #1)

We’re back with the first installment of this year’s Excuse Me For My Voice podcast, featuring Ken Crawford and Jason Snell.

This time we have a lot to talk about: The Maryland game, handicapping the entire upcoming season, talking about the Pac-10’s new bowl ties, and even offering some mildly informed opinions about the new gigantic hole to the west of Memorial Stadium.

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Oregon preview, UCLA review, and… Kickers! On a Podcast.

Hard to believe, but the three guys – Ken, Jason, and Phil – finally got together to record a podcast. We reform and regroup to talk…

  • UCLA recap
  • Oregon preview
  • Celebrating the Kickers
  • Tedford begs us to be noisy

25 minutes of podcasting perfection. Did I say perfection? I meant, uh, something else.

Live from Berkeley: Punt, Pass, and Podcast

Your Hosts What would happen if you tried to do a podcast from an iPhone using a voice-recording program and a microphone intended for phone calls and not podcasting?

You’d get something loud and buzzy. You’d get this podcast, in fact.

Join Phil and Jason live-on-iPhone from Section FF in Memorial Stadium (that’s us over on the right) — and from outside a lovely Mexican restaurant in Alameda after the game — for observations on the spot about Cal’s not-remotely-exciting victory over Colorado State.

Curious? How could you not be?! Join us for eight minutes of sheer audio heaven, with special appearances by the Cal PA system and the Cal Band.

Oh, and among the things we learned: sometimes the Voice Recorder program doesn’t save properly. So our keen first-quarter observations and some of our comments from the Mexican restaurant in Alameda didn’t make it in. Yeah, we’re just as sad about it as you are.

WSU recap, Maryland “preview,” and Hair Metal – podcast

With Ken on the east coast, it’s time for the two-man podcast. Unfortunately, Ken’s the one who brings that strange seasoning called “knowledge” to the proceedings. Without which, Phil and I soldier on to discuss:

  • Washington State: Small and fuzzy
  • What kinds of games do you prefer to watch – taut thrillers or blowouts?
  • Meet Your Opponent! Maryland Terrapins Edition.
  • Phil and Jason try to identify ’80s hair metal bands
  • iTunes 8’s new Genius feature and how it will fail you if you try to play a song by Ratt
  • The unique likes and dislikes of Phil’s wife, Lisa
  • The Maryland fight song
  • Our complete lack of knowledge of anything.

All this in a delightful 23 minute podcast package. Enjoy!

Michigan St. Recap, Washington St. Preview Podcast

Once again, our podcast features three guys talking about Cal football for 35 minutes.

Topics this time:
* The Michigan State game, from the stadium and on the TV
* Quarterback Controversies
* Washington State preview
* Bemoaning the rise of Comcast SportsNet West, unless you live in Sacramento like Ken, in which case it’s just fine.

Michigan State Preview Podcast

We’re back with another three-man podcast featuring Ken Crawford, Jason Snell, and Philip Michaels.

Among our topics:

  • How little we know about Michigan State
  • Observations from spring practice
  • Longshore and Riley
  • Tedford’s failings
  • Hippies, trees, and getting into Memorial Stadium
  • Plans for the blog this season

And of course, we come up with the idea for a new running segment in the podcast, “What Makes Phil Cry?”

All the Cal Football you can stand — and more — in 36 minutes.

2008 Season Preview Podcast: 66 Days to Go

So what if it’s 66 days (we counted) until the first Cal game of this season? That didn’t stop Ken from predicting every game and every score, and it doesn’t stop us from yammering on and on about the forthcoming season — as well as the recent Stadium project court ruling — in this three-man Excuse Me for My Voice podcast.

In this episode, Ken Crawford, Jason Snell, and Philip Michaels sit in a room and figure out how to do a podcast together. The good news: We figured it out. The bad news: We recorded a whole podcast before we figured it out. Enjoy!