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Arizona Practice Podcast

My weekly press-conference/practice podcast is now posted over at

This continues to be a free feature over at BT so go have a listen.

Bye Week Podcast

My podcast for the bye week is posted over there:

It’s a free podcast, even though it’s posted on BearTerritory, so have a listen.

Colorado State Preview Podcast

My press-conference/Tuesday practice podcast is posted over at

The podcasts don’t require a subscription, so all can go listen. There’s lots of audio of Tedford, Riley, Worrell Williams, Noris Melele and Darian Hagan as well as my commentary.

WSU practice podcast

My podcast has been posted over at their site:

For those wondering where my On The Road Home podcast is, it has been unfortunately delayed. I did record it on the way home, but I haven’t had time to edit it up. Usually I do my post-game podcast editing and game reviews on Sunday but I was busy trying to finish my bookshelves and desks (don’t ask about the status, please 🙁 ) and I haven’t been able to find the time during the week. Hopefully I can get it posted today. At the very latest, it’ll happen Saturday morning from a hotel in Spokane before I drive up to Pullman.

MSU practice podcast

My podcast from Tuesday’s practice and press conference is posted over at

It’s got audio quotes from Tedford, Riley, Follett, Williams and young WR Marvin Jones.

Fall Practice #3 Podcast

My third podcast from Fall Practice is now posted over at

Discussion topics include Longshore vs. Riley and the wide receiver core.

Fall Practice #1 and #2 Podcasts

My first two podcasts from Fall Practice are now posted over at

You’ll notice that this is a change from the spring and last season where all the podcasts were hosted here. My podcasts from practices this year are going to be hosted from However, the On The Road Home podcasts after each game as well as the usually mid-week group podcasts with Jason, Phil and I will still be posted here. Just an FYI.